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Dual Rotary Drilling
The Advantages and capabilities of Dual Rotary Drilling are...
  • Exceptional Overburden Performance.   The ability to advance the casing directly behind or even ahead of the drill bit decrease the risk of loss circulation and aquifer cross contamination.                  Click here for movie demo!
  • Control of Cuttings and drilling fluid.   Our dual rotary rig uses a diverter head system to direct the flow of cuttings and fluid to contain possible contaminants of the formation if necessary and to keep the drill site clean. 
  • Straight holes through any formation.    As seen from the movie demo above, the rotary advancement of the casing allows for a smooth cut through irregular formation changes, shapes and slopes.
  • Superior  casing extraction   The rotary drilling rig is set up with an attachment designed specifically for casing, to provide maximum torque without slip or damage to casing.